We Practice Federal and Private Sector Employment Law

At Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, P.C., our experience makes the difference. For more than four decades our lawyers have helped employees and employers through the often complex processes of employment law.

Located in Washington, D.C., we take clients from the surrounding area, as well as from around the country and the globe. Please call our office at 202.331.9260 for an appointment.

Recognized for Our Ability To Resolve Federal Employment Issues

Our experienced employment law attorneys have been handling federal employment law cases — nationwide and abroad — for more than 40 years. We focus our practice entirely on employment law issues and have a comprehensive understanding of the complex procedures and government requirements pertaining to federal employment matters.

Private Sector Employee Assistance

We provide a full spectrum of services to private sector employees. We can assist employees in negotiating employment contracts, severance agreements and non-compete agreements. We advise clients on all employment law matters, including discrimination and issues involving wrongful termination.

The Skilled Legal Counsel Employers Need

We also address the needs of employers, such as small government agencies, non-profits and small businesses. We use our experience to help resolve your employment law issues before they affect your organization's operations. We are experienced in conducting investigations, preparing employee manuals and giving training sessions. Above all, when litigation is required, we will vigorously defend you at the EEOC, the MSPB and in court.

We Are Ready To Assist You or Your Company

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